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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of modified accrual accounting?

Modified Accrual Accounting has its pros. It gives you a chance to focus on short-term assets and liabilities. But, arguably, its biggest advantage is its ease of use. If your HOA is more concerned about its long-term financials, though, Accrual Accounting is the best method to adopt.

Why is modified accrual accounting necessary?

Modified accrual accounting is an accounting method commonly used by government agencies that combines accrual-basis accounting with cash-basis accounting. Modified accrual accounting recognizes revenues when they become available and measurable and, with a few exceptions, recognizes expenditures when liabilities are incurred.

What you should know about accrual basis accounting?

The accrual basis of accounting is the concept of recording revenues when earned and expenses as incurred. The use of this approach also impacts the balance sheet, where receivables or payables may be recorded even in the absence of an associated cash receipt or cash payment, respectively.

Is accrual basis more reliable than cash basis accounting?

Thus, the interviewee indicated that accrual basis accounting is more reliable than cash basis accounting because it could fulfill his needs. Cash basis accounting is more reliable than accrual basis accounting according to theory, however, this is different from what the professional (C.F.O.) suggested.

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