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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1 16 scale?

Bruder's newest toy - and the first new Bruder toy of 2019 - is the Volvo A60H hauler vehicle that's a massive 1:16 scale! It's around 18.3-inches long and over 7-inches tall, sitting on six massive wheels. It features a cab that's made from see-thru plastic, and its trough is fully functional.

How do you calculate scale models?

Steps 1. Find the length and wingspan/width of the scale model which you are constructing. This can be done by simply... 2. Find the dimensions of your model with a ruler. It doesn't need to be millimeter perfect, but use a ruler for fairly... 3. Divide the real life dimension of either length or ...

How do you calculate scale drawing?

Divide the subject's length by the model's length to calculate the scale factor. In the example, divide 232 by 8 to calculate a scale factor of 29. If you have a remainder, round the number to the nearest integer. Write a "1:" in front of the scale factor to present it as a ratio.

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