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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MMTC-PAMP?

MMTC-PAMP – Gold Coins & Bullion – Buy Gold & Silver Products MMTC-PAMP offers a wide range of gold and silver products & services, adhering to the best quality standards & produced by the most contemporary practices.

Why buy gold buyback from MMTC-PAMP?

Buy 24K, 999.9 purest gold directly from MMTC-PAMP. Add to your collection from our limited edition silver collectibles, or invest in our devotional series. BUY NOW Gold Buyback YOUR GOLD IS WORTH MORE THAN YOU THINK – Unlock the true value of your gold at an MMTC-PAMP Purity Verification centre in your city!

Why buy from MMTC-PAMP Lotus?

These are all precision crafted to the highest global quality standards of excellence. The foremost ambassador of our world-renowned brand is the distinctive MMTC-PAMP Lotus design, minted on 999.9 pure gold and coins in a wide range of sizes and weights. Making us your right partner for the purchase of gold coins.

What is PAMP Switzerland?

Nearly a half-century ago, our co-founder, PAMP Switzerland, was the first precious metals refinery to ever embellish the reverse sides of its ingots with beautiful and inspiring designs. PAMP continues to remain one of the leading and most sought-after bullion brands in the world.

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