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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Mastercard® Black card™ so expensive?

There are two key factors that separate the Mastercard® Black Card™ from other luxury cards – annual fee and welcome bonuses. With the $495 ($195 for each Authorized User added to the account) annual fee, the Mastercard® Black Card™ is more expensive than other options.

Does the Mastercard Black Card come with travel credits?

The Mastercard Black Card does come with a couple of travel credits that help compensate for the $495 annual fee. The card offers up to a $100 annual credit for airline expenses, including airfare, baggage fees, lounge access and in-flight purchases.

How much does a Mastercard Black weigh?

For those who collect shiny things and prioritize flashing their wealth to cover up insecurities about their insecurities, the Mastercard Black offers a stainless steel and carbon card that weighs a full 22 grams—that’s one full gram more than a human soul. Also, it’s a chip card, so that’s cool.

Are Mastercard customers at higher risk for unauthorized charges?

MasterCard said that only 68,000 of the 13.9 million MasterCard holders were at "a higher level of risk." MasterCard, as well as some other credit card providers, have zero-liability policies, so consumers who find unauthorized charges made on their credit cards will not be responsible for paying for the charges.

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