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Frequently Asked Questions

Which M3 is the best?

The E46 M3 was peak M3. Which leaves us at the G80, which is now larger than Peak M5: the E39. M5s, historically, were do-everything-well executive saloons. That's a great bunch of attributes, but it's not what we expect when we see an M3 badge. Then again, the G80 is the best M3 to ever drive around a race track.

What is m3 used for?

BREAKING DOWN 'M3'. It emphasizes money as a store-of-value more so than as a medium of exchange — hence the inclusion of less-liquid assets in M3. It is used by economists to estimate the entire money supply within an economy, and by governments to direct policy and control inflation over medium and long-term periods.

What is m3 in a car?

The M3 Scout Car was an armored car in U.S. service during World War II. It was also known as the White Scout Car, after its manufacturer, the White Motor Company. It was used in various roles, including patrol, scouting, command vehicle, ambulance and gun tractor.

What is the definition of M3?

What is 'M3'. M3 is a measure of the money supply that includes M2 as well as large time deposits, institutional money market funds, short-term repurchase agreements and larger liquid assets.

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