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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main idea of looking for Alaska?

One main topic of Looking for Alaska is the creation and cultivation of personal relationships. Pudge, the protagonist, is a loner and not looking to make personal relationships; he is is more interested in finding his own personal purpose, which he calls "the Great Perhaps.".

Why was 'looking for Alaska' banned?

Banning "Looking For Alaska" will not solve the problem of keeping bad influences out of schools because it is not a bad influence. Rather, it teaches that every person has a purpose, a "great perhaps", as Pudge would say. It teaches that life is a beautiful thing, struggles and all.

What is the message in looking for Alaska?

What is the message of Looking for Alaska? There are many themes in Looking for Alaska, death, guilt, independence, meaning of life, founding out yourself and many more. Death the main theme in the book because this is what everything in the book revolves around.

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