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Frequently Asked Questions

How to understand your cost to serve in logistics?

Logistics costs are often a big contributor to overall Cost to Serve. Thus, if you find out that an expensive transport solution (courier for example) is routinely being used to deliver a low margin product to a customer, you’ll understand that much better if the end result for you turns out to be a loss.

What is total logistics cost?

Total logistics costs consider the whole range of costs associated with logistics, which includes transport and warehousing costs, but also inventory carrying, administration and order processing costs. The important components of total logistics cost are transportationcost, warehousing costs, inventory carrying cost and order entry/customer service cost.

How can companies reduce logistics transportation costs?

“For companies to reduce logistics costs, automation is key. Regulating, automating and optimizing manual processes can reduce staff requirements, centralize production operations to lower-cost areas and create a more proactive approach to ensuring customer satisfaction, all while providing scale and controlling costs.

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