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Frequently Asked Questions

How much legs does a spider have and why?

Spiders have 8 legs , because their ancestors had 8 legs. Spiders and horseshoe crabs evolved from the same ancestors! Here's another answer: things like spiders evolved with lots of legs, so they can still get around if a leg or 2 are pulled off: Spiders Evolved Spare Legs That's an idea that makes sense and has some evidence to support it.

Can a spider live without a leg?

The spider is a creature with eight legs coming out of a central body. It also has a tiny head and eight eyes. If you chop off the spider’s head, it dies. It could maybe survive without a leg or two, and possibly even stand to lose a couple of eyes, but certainly could not survive without the head.

How many legs does a spider have on each side?

All spiders have eight legs. They also have two small appendages at the front that are modified legs; these are called pedipalps. Sometimes spiders will lose a leg (or more) in an encounter with a predator, so occasionally one will see spiders with 7 or fewer legs.

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