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Frequently Asked Questions

What is leadsherpa used for?

LeadSherpa LeadSherpa is a Lead Acquisition Platform that provides software technology and workflow tools used to acquire, manage and optimize lead performance. The platform provides a unique combination of lead management functionality and optimization technology used to drive lead performance.

Why use lead sherpa™ for seller lead generation?

“Since fully using Lead Sherpa™ as a source of seller lead generation it is outperforming all other marketing for our team! Lead Sherpa™ has been a game-changer for our acquisitions team.

How many texts have you sent with lead Sherpa™?

THANK YOU.” “Week 1 of Lead Sherpa™… 2,254 messages sent, 2 appointments, 1 contract!! Thanks, Lead Sherpa™ this is a game-changer and so easy to use!!” “We just started Lead Sherpa™, and we’ve sent a little under 2,800 texts.

How do leadlenders use the lead acquisition platform?

Lenders can utilize individual components or the full Lead Acquisition Platform to power their lead decisioning, waterfalls, analytics and optimization.

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