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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best kratom?

One of the best Kratom brands, Organic Kratom USA, is the place for you if you need the purest organic Kratom. Social Media platforms like Reddit have rated Organic Kratom USA very highly. It is one of the best Kratom brands that offer same-day delivery, providing you with the rawest Kratom.

How many capsules of kratom to take?

Leading kratom capsule manufacturers recommend a daily serving of 2-3 capsules. If you are new to kratom, 2 capsules are probably the best starting point. If you don’t feel 2 capsules are doing...

Does GNC sell kratom capsules?

Yes, you are much likely to find herbal powders and herbal capsules at Walmart, Amazon, and GNC. But sadly, Kratom is not one of them. The chances to find Kratom capsules at GNC, Walmart and Amazon are zero for the time being. All these three are top chained stores in the USA. You will probably see them in every state.

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