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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns JS high speed?

JS High Speed Limited completed the acquisition of 11.59% stake in China Shandong Hi-Speed Financial Group Limited from Glory Century Limited and Hao Tian Management (Hong Kong) Limited.

How to speed up JavaScript code?

How to speed up your JavaScript code. Loops are often used in programming. Each statement in a loop, including the for statement, is executed for each iteration of the loop. Statements or assignments that can be placed outside the loop will make the loop run faster.

What is jscompress?

About JSCompress. JSCompress is an online JavaScript compressor that allows you to compress and minify all of your JS files by up to 80% of their original size. Copy and paste your code or you can upload and combine multiple files and then compress. We use UglifyJS 3 and babel-minify for all JavaScript minification and compression.

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