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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the old name of Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru ( Malaysian pronunciation: [ˈdʒohor ˈbahru] ), formerly known as Tanjung Puteri or Iskandar Puteri, is the capital of the state of Johor, Malaysia. It is situated along the Straits of Johor at the southern end of Peninsular Malaysia. Johor Bahru has a population of 497,097, while its metropolitan area,...

What are the cultural attractions in Johor Bahru?

There are a number of cultural attractions in Johor Bahru. The Royal Abu Bakar Museum located within the Grand Palace building is the main museum in the city. The Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage located in Wong Ah Fook Street housed the former Cantonese clan house that was donated by Wong Ah Fook.

Does Johor Bahru still have a reputation for Sleaze?

In addition, Johor Bahru's reputation for sleaze still exists, with some areas in the city centre turning into red-light districts, despite prostitution being illegal in Malaysia. Several countries have set up their consulates in Johor Bahru, including Indonesia and Singapore, while Japan has closed its consular office since 2014.

Where is journaljohor Bahru located?

Johor Bahru is located along the Straits of Johor at the southern end of Peninsular Malaysia. Originally, the city area was only 12.12 km 2 (4.68 sq mi) in 1933 before it was expanded to over 220 km 2 (85 sq mi) in 2000.

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