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Frequently Asked Questions

What does JCA stand for?

The Journal of Clinical Anesthesia (JCA) addresses all aspects of anesthesia practice, including anesthetic administration, pharmacokinetics, preoperative and postoperative considerations, coexisting disease and other complicating factors, cost issues, and similar concerns anesthesiologists …

Why choose a JCA product?

JCA's range allows your innovations to be built upon a stable and flexible technology platform, reducing time to market and decreasing overall costs. JCA AFW is a set of technologies that provides the common components to autonomous agricultural machine systems.

What programs does the JCA offer?

The JCA is proud to offer a unique variety of programs including our free Berman Family JCA Concert Series, a variety of J Institute and Jewish programs for adults, dozens of fitness and wellness activities for your entire family – and so much more. There is something for everyone at our JCA this winter. . . . along with plenty of pictures.

What societies are JCA affiliated with?

JCA is affiliated with three societies that make it their official journal: the American Association of Clinical Directors ( AACD ); the Society for Airway Management ( SAM ); and the Orthopedic Anesthesia Pain Rehabilitation Society ( OAPRS ).

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