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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the traditional way of eating in Japan?

Japanese food is traditionally eaten with hashi, chopsticks. Unless a visitor only plans on eating at Western-style restaurants while in Japan he should learn to use chopsticks because knives and forks are rare in most restaurants.

What is Japanese culture like today?

Japanese culture is ancient, diverse, divine, and influences various facets of modern Japan even today. From diet to festivals, sports to fashion, the culture is ever present both in the country and afar. Some of the most prominent aspects of Japanese culture are discussed below.

Why is Japanese food so popular?

Japanese Food One way to immerse yourself in another culture is through food. Eating like a native provides you with a different perspective of a culture than which you would receive from touring temples, wandering through tiny towns or talking with locals.

What is the origin of the Japanese religion?

The mythologies of the indigenous Japanese religion, Shintō, date from that period; they intertwine accounts of the divine origins of the islands with chronicles of struggles among gods whose descendants eventually came to be regarded as the imperial family, which claims an unbroken line of descent since this period.

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