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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Java Jakarta EE?

“Jakarta EE is a commercial-grade platform that offers a set of components and APIs for the development of Java business applications,” Milinkovich says. “Jakarta EE extends the popular Java SE with specifications for developing and running scalable, reliable, and secure enterprise applications.”

What is justjakarta EE?

Jakarta EE 9.1 Is Out Now! A new community-driven platform for future innovation of enterprise Java technologies.

What is Jakarta EE and why should you care?

“Jakarta EE provides your enterprise with two strategic advantages: a path forward for your existing investments in the Java EE application code running your business, and a bright future for the skilled Java developers on your staff,” Milinkovich says.

What is the Jakarta EE working group?

Register! Working together, the world’s enterprise Java ecosystem leaders, including Fujitsu, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, and Tomitribe, are advancing Java EE and Jakarta EE to support moving mission-critical applications and workloads to the cloud. Welcome AsiaInfo to the Jakarta EE Working Group!

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