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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after a road is plowed?

Icing and inclement weather can make a road hazardous even after it has been plowed, so motorists should continue to use caution. Neighborhood status is displayed Plowing is displayed in real-time

How do I find out who plows my Road?

Who Plows My Road is an interactive map where users can type in a street, address, or destination to find out who is responsible for plowing/salting a road. The map also provides a number to call for assistance.

How do I contact VDOT plows?

VDOT Plows Mobilization Plan| Road Status| Resources| Contact Us| Help| Truck History| Zoom/Filter Questions/Concerns: 800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623) Mobile Site Copyright 2019 Virginia Department of Transportation.

When do snow plows hit Streets?

Snow plows may hit main street intersections before 4 inches of snow accumulation to address icy conditions with a sand and salt mixture. Most of the plowing occurs in the higher elevation routes and outlying areas due to the fact that these areas receive the most snow accumulation. In what order will streets be plowed?

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