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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an internship in Namibia?

Internships in Namibia are limited. If you have a SADC (Southern African Development Countries) connection you have a favourable chance on an internship placement with any government linked organization or business after the few Namibian placements. Your better chance for an internship is with a local private, or non-government business, and NGOs.

What is the best way to pay in Namibia?

The Nam$ is connected with SARand and South African Rand is accepted as payment anywhere in Namibia. Credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs are available in most towns. Tuition fees/donations apply almost always and vary a lot.

Why is Namibia's population so small?

Environmental: The arid conditions in Namibia is one of the reasons for a small population. Research on how to make best use of the problem of the encroaching bush, or developing the devils claw plant for medicine, are some of the projects. Sustainable, development issues and biodiversity conservation are high priorities.

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