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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Internet Explorer a better browser than Microsoft Edge?

In addition to having a larger selection of third-party applications, Internet Explorer's design allows it to be considered as a more simplified browser than Microsoft Edge. In particular, it is easier to navigate with fewer options that are available. The speed of Internet Explorer is also what separates it from Microsoft Edge.

Is Internet Explorer really a good browser?

Internet Explorer Review Strengths & Weaknesses Alternatives for Internet Explorer Features. Internet Explorer lacks many of the features now considered standard for web browsers. ... Ease of Use. ... Performance. ... Security. ... Privacy. ... The Verdict. ...

Was edge developed to replace the Internet Explorer browser?

When Microsoft released Windows 10 operating system to public, it shipped with a brand new web browser called " Microsoft Edge ". It was an UWP-based (store or modern) browser app which was developed to replace classic Internet Explorer (IE11) browser which used to come with all Windows versions.

What is the difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer?

The main difference is under the hood, where you can't see it. Microsoft Edge supports new web technologies; Internet Explorer does not. The vast majority of websites support both browsers. However, as Microsoft Edge is more standards-compliant than Internet Explorer, it will "play nice" with more websites than Internet Explorer.

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