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Frequently Asked Questions

What does incase mean?

Incase is another word for encase, which is defined as to cover something or someone completely. An example of incase is putting shoes in a box with a lid on top. transitive verb.

How do you spell incase?

Incase is a misspelling of encase, which is a verb that means to enclose something within something else. You should always use encase over the spelling incase. For example, When Bramford pulled his ham from the oven, it was encased in a charred husk of blackened skin.

What is another word for in case?

Another word for "needle case" is "etui.". Sometimes used as crossword puzzle answer, etui is a French term that means a small decorative case used to hold items such as needles and makeup.

Is incase one or two words?

“Incase” is one word…and two. When used in a phrase such as “Just in case,” that is two words. Most of the time, this is how the words are used; in the two-word form.

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