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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install iCloud on Windows 10?

Steps To Install iCloud For Windows 10First of all, you just need to get the setup of iCloud in your windows computer and the setup can be install from Apple’s website.After get the setup of iCloud the next thing which you need to do is to set up or install the setup of iCloud in the Windows computer.Now after you are done with iCloud setup installation then just open the iCloud setup.

How do you access iCloud from your computer?

Set up iCloud on your Windows PCDownload iCloud for Windows. iCloud for Windows lets you access your files, photos, contacts, calendars and more on your Apple devices and your Windows PC.Sign in to iCloud. After you've downloaded iCloud for Windows, sign in using the Apple ID that you use on your Apple devices.Choose the iCloud services you want to use. ...

Why can't I download iCloud for Windows?

If you turned off Windows Media Features, or if your PC didn't come with Windows Media Player, iCloud for Windows won't install. Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features.

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