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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions are needed to develop a severe thunderstorm?

Conditions required for the development of severe thunderstorms: Warm moist conditionally unstable air mass Strong cold front to provide the needed lift ... The conditions favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms are most prevalent in the spring and early summer.

What can severe thunderstorms cause?

Though thunderstorms are familiar and seemingly non-threatening, severe thunderstorms can lead to dangerous supercells, derechos, and tornadoes.

What can a severe thunderstorm produce?

Severe thunderstorms are defined as thunderstorms that produce 1 inch hail or larger and/or strong wind gusts of 58mph or greater. Severe hail that is 1 inch in diameter is roughly the size of a quarter. All thunderstorms generate potentially deadly lightning. However, lightning in a thunderstorm does NOT mean that the thunderstorm is severe.

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