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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PopPop in Happy Tree Friends?

Pop appears in Happy Tree Friends Adventures RPG: The Fire Point. In this game, after dealing with Fliqpy, Pop can be talked to to obtain a Hyper Potion of Life and enable his Yoshi to be ridden in certain areas. Pop is the stereotypically clueless, 1950s style sitcom father. Pop is a bathrobe-wearing, pipe-smoking light brown bear.

Is pop pop friends with Lumpy?

Pop seems to be friends with Lumpy, and is on good terms with Toothy and Petunia . Pop seems to dislike Nutty, and is most likely enemies with Lifty and Shifty, not helped by the duo's affiliation with Bowser. Pop has an unseen wife, who died prior to the Happy Tree Friends show.

Who is PopPop in one piece?

Pop is the show's most frequent and major parent character out of all of the parents seen within the show. Despite this, he is still somewhat heavily dependent on Cub in terms of prominence. However, to contrary to this fact, he's the centered of certain episodes without Cub being a major plot point.

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