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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GTX stand for?

GTX stands for Grand Theater Experience. The GTX Theatre features the amazing Dolby Atmos Sound System, an over 61′ screen, luxury stadium seating with extra leg room. With choosing your own seat, you always know where you’ll be sitting to watch the movie.

What does the name GTX mean?

GTX stands for Gore-Tex Lining . You might also see V or GV when shopping around. The V stands for a Vibram outsole, and the GV means a Gore-Tex lining with a Vibram outsole. Still as clear as mud?

What is the difference between Nvidia GT and GTX?

Difference Between NVIDIA GTS and GT. 1. The GTS includes, and supports, an identical GPU as the GTX; the GT includes the PureVideo HD VP2, which gives the GT a more sophisticated GPU. 2. The GTS offers a double slot cooler; the GT offers a single slot cooler, enabling it to use less power.

What does GTX do?

About GTX. GTX is dedicated to the development of technologically advanced proprietary raster-to-vector conversion and editing software to bridge paper to CAD. We stand by our products and strive to continue to meet the needs of our customers and worldwide partners to deliver the best technology solution to complement the EDM and CAD industry.

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