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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ghostery work on mobile devices?

Ghostery does offer a mobile browser with anti-tracking features as a stand-alone app for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android. We also work inside Firefox on Android phones. Does the Ghostery Extension work in any browser? Ghostery is supported in Cliqz, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Is Ghostery free?

Ghostery is a free extension tool offered for web browsers, specifically Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

How does Ghostery work?

Ghostery monitors all the different web servers that are being called from a particular web page and matches them with a library of data collection tools (trackers). If it finds a match, Ghostery shows that tracker in the list in the pop-up information bubble or control panel.

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