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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ghost Ship a true story?

One of the most notorious ghost ship stories, the tale of the SS Ourang Medan is shrouded in mystery. The legend goes that in 1947 a cargo ship off the coast of Indonesia put out a distress call with the words: "All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead."

What is the most famous ghost ship?

Undoubtedly the most famous of all the real-life ghost ships, the Mary Celeste was a merchant ship that was found derelict and adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872.

What happened in Ghost Ship?

The Oakland Fire: What Happened Inside the Ghost Ship A Warehouse Turned Firetrap. As reporters from The Times's graphics department, we wanted to visualize what had happened and give readers a sense of the space where the disaster unfolded. Second Floor. 1 The performance space was often used by underground musicians. ... First Floor. ... Main Entrance. ...

What is the definition of a ghost ship?

A ghost ship, also known as a phantom ship, is a vessel with no living crew aboard; it may be a ghostly vessel in folklore or fiction, such as the Flying Dutchman, or a real derelict found adrift with its crew missing or dead, like the Mary Celeste.

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