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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghost a good platform for blogging?

As, you know, Ghost is one widely popular of being a free and open-source blogging platform. Though Ghost has been developed to tailor the need for blogging without having to operate on full-grown CMS which is used to make complex websites.

Where can I host my Ghost blog?

Fastcomet is one of the fastest and affordable growing web hosting company. Fastcomet provides all the hosting features that is required to host your Ghost Blog. If you are in doubt about where you have to host your ghost blog, then Fastcomet has all the features to provide the Best Ghost Hosting service.

Which is the best ghost hosting in the UK?

Tsohost is one of the Best Web Hosting companies across the UK. Tsohost provides the best Ghost hosting solutions in the UK The Price of Tsohost Ghost Blog Hosting starts at £2.99 Per Month

What's new with Ghost's editor?

With the release of Ghost 2.0 in August 2018 Ghost announced many new fancy stuff, including a brand new editor - with cards! The so called "Koenig" editor was basically the equivalent of WordPress' Gutenberg editor.

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