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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Games Workshop coins when stores reopen?

Games Workshop has a back-up plan for you. “When stores that are closed due to national or local lockdowns reopen, they’ll have this month’s models and coins available for you to collect.” So there you go – the coins and minis will be there when they eventually DO reopen.

What are the new Warhammer coins for November?

There’ll be a new coin to collect each month and will include iconic symbols from Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, starting with Daughters of Khaine for November. The thing about coin collections is that they look way better in a nice display!

Can you get a chaos-flavoured Warhammer coin in April?

Ancient evil stirs in the shadows – even your local Warhammer shop can feel it. That’s why they’re offering a decidedly Chaos-flavoured miniature and coin in April. Read on to see how you can get yours. Broken Realms: Teclis is out in the wild, and Warhammer shops celebrated with a Lumineth Realm-lords themed coin in March.

How do I claim my Warhammer coin collection?

So, after you’ve collected six different coins, you can claim a gorgeous booklet to show off your Warhammer coin collection to the world. Each month, you can claim your coin with a qualifying spend of £60, €80 or $100 USD – easily covered by a Combat Patrol, or a Start Collecting! set and some paints.

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