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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fileutilsextends? public class FileUtilsextends Object General file manipulation utilities. Facilities are provided in the following areas: writing to a file reading from a file make a directory including parent directories copying files and directories deleting files and directories converting to and from a URL

Which method should not be used to construct a fileutils instance?

public FileUtils() Instances should NOT be constructed in standard programming. Method Detail getFile public static File getFile(File directory, String... names) Construct a file from the set of name elements.

What is the difference between urltofiles (url[] URLs) and touch (file file)?

toFiles(URL[] urls) Converts each of an array of URLto a File. static void touch(File file) Implements the same behaviour as the "touch" utility on Unix. static URL[] toURLs(File[] files)

Can a method take a list of files as argument?

All methods that have the concept of a “source” file or directory can take either one file or a list of files in that argument. See the method documentation for examples. There are some `low level’ methods, which do not accept keyword arguments: This module has all methods of FileUtils module, but it outputs messages before acting.

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