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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fileserver01 and fileserver02?

You can see that FileServer01 and Datacenter’s path is currently Online and FileServer02’s state has been set to Offline. We can also change which servers are the Online and Offline hosts, and even which will be our server will be the primary host of the file path using Set-DfsnFolderTarget.

How to get all file shares on the specified file server?

Examples Example 1: Get all file shares on the local server PS C:\>Get-FileShare. This command lists all the file shares on the local server. You must have local administrator permissions on the server to run this command. Example 2: Get all NFS file shares on the specified file server

How do I get a fileserver in PowerShell?

To obtain a FileServer, use the Get-StorageFileServer cmdlet. Specifies the name of the file share to get. Specifies the file sharing protocol of the file shares that this cmdlet gets.

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