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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Figurational and processes theory 2?

Figurational and processes theory 2 is one of Elias' most important contributions to Social Sciences.

What is the figurational theory of sports?

Figurational Theory. Figurational theory recognized the complexities of modern sports and allows a means to determine the importance to the particular community as well as the social interdependencies, coalitions, and political alliances that allowed the citing of the stadium in such a location.

Why is figuration important in sociology?

In a 1984 evaluation of his own work, the sociologist sustains that the concept of figuration "was explicitly created to overcome the confusing polarization of sociological theory in theories that placed the individual above society and those which placed society above the individual" (Elias 2001b:148).

Is figuration a new term?

4 In Quest for Excitement, published in 1986, Elias was conscious of the fact that "figuration was a new term, which many did not yet understand". 5 Human beings who engage in a civilizing process participate in such configuration.

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