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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the DPW do in Farmington?

The DPW is responsible for the mowing, trimming, leaf removal, and burials at the Oakwood Cemetery. The City of Farmington contracts with Waste Management Inc. for weekly residential curbside collection of refuse and recycling materials. With this collection, each resident is allowed one bulk item per week for curbside collection.

What does the city of Farmington Hills do with the ballfields?

The City of Farmington Hills schedules the use of the ballfields and drags and lines the infields prior to the scheduled games. The City has two cemeteries in which it is responsible for maintenance: Quaker Cemetery on Gill Road and Oakwood Cemetery on Grand River Avenue.

Does the city of Farmington Hills pick up yard waste?

The City of Farmington Hills has a long-term contract with Waste Management for refuse, recycling, bulk item pickup, and yard waste collection. The City’s solid waste program provides weekly curbside pickup of garbage and recyclables, and from early April until early December, curbside pickup of yard waste is also offered.

How does the city of Farmington get its water?

The City of Farmington contracts with the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), and the Oakland County Water Resources Commission (OCWRC) for the purchase of potable water. The Farmington DPW manages and operates the water distribution system within the City.

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