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Frequently Asked Questions

What was Faber's invention in Fahrenheit 451?

The old retired professor, Faber, has invented a device that is similar to a walkie-talkie, only it is a mere ear-piece. With this device, he can transmit messages and the receiver of these messages can hear him. In this way, Faber protects himself and others who treasure the value of works of history and of literature.

What are some examples of figurative language in Fahrenheit 451?

Figurative Language in Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury uses a lot of figurative language in this novel. For example on page 7, Clarisse's face is described as bright as snow in the moonlight. On page 36, there is a "fountain of books" when Montag and the fire men go to the lady's house to burn her books.

What are literary devices used in Fahrenheit 451?

Throughout Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury uses the literary device of symbolism; with the symbols ranging from aspects of the firemen’s uniforms, to the fire itself, and the Phoenix at the conclusion of the story. In Part 1, “The Hearth and the Salamander”, Bradbury describes the uniform all of the firefighters wear.

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