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Frequently Asked Questions

What do eyes emoji mean?

Eyes Emoji: Also Known As, Eyeballs Emoji, Shifty Eyes Emoji, Wide Eyes Emoji. Just eyes consists of cornea and sclera, looking slightly to the left. Often used to refer to the approval of a misleading action, or to indicate something.

What is the most common emoji?

Using over one billion pieces of data in several different categories, some of the most popular emoji used in specific countries were revealed. The number one emoji in the U.S. is the eggplant, followed by others like the poultry leg, the birthday cake, the bag of money, the iPhone and others.

What are basic emoji?

Basic Emoji is a font from Microsoft Corporation based on the original Segoe UI Symbol font that shipped in Windows 7. Basic Emoji is a Unicode-encoded font containing a range of Emoji images mapped to their respective Uncode code points.

What is emoji really mean?

What emojis REALLY mean (we've been using the poo all wrong) Dancing twins. What we use it for: A symbol expressing excitement within a group of girls. ... Shooting star. What we use it for: Well, basically, as a shooting star. ... Praying hands. ... Sassy hair flicking woman. ... Poo emoji. ... Hands on head girl. ... Teardrop face. ... Stop hands. ... Aubergine. ... Ill with cold sweats smiley. ...

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