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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to truly experiencing God?

The key to experiencing God, then, is not expecting an “experience” or an emotional lift. Rather, it is a lifelong process of belonging to Him through Christ, being moved by the Holy Spirit by whom we are sanctified, and growing in the knowledge of Him. Recommended Resource: Rediscovering Holiness: Know the Fullness of Life with God by J.I.

What is your spiritual experience?

A spiritual experience is an encounter with something or someone other than yourself that is not based upon material phenomena. The experience leaves a person with a new and profound sense of awareness or understanding regarding God, a truth, or other religious expressions.

What is the description of God?

The definition of a god is an image, person or thing that is worshiped, honored or believed to be all-powerful or the creator and ruler of the universe.

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