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What are the six characteristics of Science?

Six Characteristics of Science. Six Characteristics of Science . CONPTT . Consistency- . Several scientists can repeat an experiment and the results are the same. Observability- . The results or subject of an experiment can be observed by using the five senses or extensions of them. Natural- . A natural cause must be used to explain why or how ...

What are the characteristics of scientific theory?

Predictability- . Predictions can be made about the subject and can be tested. Testability- . Subject can be tested using a controlled experiment. Tentativeness- . Scientific theories are subject to change because of technology. Science. -has all six characteristics. Pseudoscience.

What are the characteristics of soft science and hard science?

The following are the basic characteristics of soft science that distinguish it from hard science. Difficulties in measuring things with accuracy, precision, consistency and certainty. For example, it is difficult to measure an emotion, motivation, idea, perception or social interaction with any certainty.

What is the meaning of the word characteristically?

Kids Definition of characteristic (Entry 2 of 2) : serving to distinguish an individual or a group : typical of a person, thing, or group He replied with characteristic good humor. Other Words from characteristic characteristically ˌker-​ək-​tə-​ˈris-​ti-​kə-​lē adverb She was characteristically cheerful.

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