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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the song Erie Canal?

Erie Canal Song by Thomas S. Allen. The Erie Canal Song, as it is commonly known by today, was written in 1905 under the title Low Bridge, Everybody Down about life on the Erie Canal.

What is the Erie Canal song?

The Erie Canal Song was written to commemorate the history of nearly 100 years of life along the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal Song is the most recognised of all the Erie Canal folksongs. A pdf of the song with notes for guitar and piano can be found here.

Does Erie Canal have a current?

To this day the Erie Canal still serves the boating community in providing safe passage to Upstate New York and beyond. The canal was enlarged and straightened many times and the current version stretches 338 miles from Waterford on the Hudson River to Lake Erie near Buffalo.

Is the Erie Canal important?

The Erie Canal affected the United States economically, politically and socially. It was one of the most important constructions in the 19th century in the United States. The Erie Canal was built from the Hudson River to Lake Erie. It improved the economy in some cities in New York such as Buffalo Lockport, and Rochester.

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