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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Elgin located?

Elgin is located at 42°2′18″N 88°19′22″W / 42.03833°N 88.32278°W / 42.03833; -88.32278 (42.0384225, −88.3226510). According to the 2010 census, Elgin has a total area of 37.704 square miles (97.65 km 2), of which 37.16 square miles (96.24 km 2) (or 98.56%) is land and 0.544 square miles (1.41 km 2) (or 1.44%) is water.

What is Elgin used for?

Available for domestic and import automotive and heavy-duty engines, Elgin products are used by vehicle OEMs and thousands of quality-conscious engine rebuilders worldwide. Elgin offers the latest OEM-preferred steering, coil spring, bushings, and suspension technologies for hundreds of domestic and import passenger vehicles and commercial trucks.

What was Elgin like in 1910?

By 1910, Elgin was enjoying a period of great prosperity as families from out on the prairie and surrounding communities moved to town and built nice homes. By 1940, Elgin was also the site of two big brick and tile plants. Elgin enterprise was stimulated during World War II by the proximity of the army training facility Camp Swift.

What is Elgin's Civic Society like?

Elgin's civic society is characterized by a large, diverse, and effective group of grassroots organizations, a sense of community pride and a spirit of volunteerism and participation. In recognition of this, for the second time, Elgin won the National Civic League 's prestigious All-America City Award in 2002.

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