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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Microsoft Edge extensions?

Some other great extensions worth mentioning are: Workona Tab Manager, uBlock Origin, Bitwarden Password Manager, and Checker Plus for Google Calendar. Another would be Workona Tab Suspender. It works with Edge Sleeping Tabs, but adds the ability to manually suspend them.

What is the purpose of an extension edge?

A Microsoft Edge extension is a small app that developers use to add or modify features of Microsoft Edge to improve a user's browsing experience. An extension provides a niche experience or function that is important to a target audience.

How do I install edge extensions?

For the legacy Edge, go to the online Microsoft Store and search for Edge extensions. Select any extension to go to its Details page. Select the Back arrow to return to the extensions page and continue to explore possible Edge extensions. After you find an extension you like, you're ready to install it.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Edge extensions?

With Microsoft Edge Add-ons, users can personalize and do more with their browser. In addition to organizing your research with collections, working efficiently with vertical tabs, and taking back control with tracking prevention, you can also personalize your Microsoft Edge browser by downloading add-ons or extensions.

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