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Frequently Asked Questions

What is effective advising?

Effective advising fosters a partnership between the student and advisor; each advisor engages in an ongoing process to meet the student’s individual needs.

What is the purpose of the Academic Advising Center?

The mission of the UA College of Engineering Academic Advising Center is to educate students on the importance of academic advising by fostering a working advisor-student partnership designed to support students in achieving academic and personal goals.

When will A&S advising be available?

All Arts and Sciences major departments will be advising students at least from March 15 through April 9. Your individual circumstances determine which advisor to contact. Learn more by reading How A&S Advising Works.

How do I find a professional academic advisor in A&S?

Seeing a professional academic advisor in A&S is not limited to course registration. We encourage A&S majors/minors to speak with an advisor in the Arts & Sciences Student Services Center with any academic questions or concerns, and appointments are best for this.

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