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Frequently Asked Questions

What are security doors for?

The term door security may refer to any of a range of measures used to strengthen doors against door breaching, Ram-raiding and lock picking, and prevent crimes such as burglary and home invasions. Door security is used in commercial and government buildings, as well as in residential settings.

What is the best exterior wood door?

Hardwoods. Tropical woods tend to do well in our northern climate, while North American hardwoods such as oak may not hold stains and finishes at more exposed elevations. The best all-around wood choice for exterior doors is mahogany, a durable, attractive hardwood with a ribbon-like grain. This heavy wood provides stability, long wear,...

What is the difference between interior and exterior doors?

Perhaps the most crucial difference between interior and exterior door happens inside of the door. Based on purpose, each door type requires a different insulation levels. Varying levels of durability are required. INTERIOR: Most interior doors have no insulation at all, and are often completely hollow inside.

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