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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use a distribution agreement for a product?

Distribution Agreement. This Distribution Agreement should be used where one party is to act as a distributor to sell the products or goods of the other party (the principal) in a specified territory or territories.

Can I use the distribution contract if I'm based outside the UK?

This distribution contract can be used even if both parties are based outside the UK but want a stable legal jurisdiction for the agreement. Upgrade & Save Money? The Business Pack contains this distribution agreement and related legal business documents.

What is an exclusive distribution agreement?

An exclusive distribution agreement is that involving a party that has been awarded full, unshared distribution control over a particular product or area. A simple example of this would be Company X being hired to distribute a new soap brand on the East Coast alone.

What does it mean to sign a distributor agreement?

By signing, the distributor recognizes the legal responsibility to maintain accurate, spotless records of all activities as reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, including but not limited to accounting records, governmental filings, inventory, customer sales records, etc.

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