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Frequently Asked Questions

What is orthopaedic vs orthopedic?

Orthopedic vs. orthopaedic. Orthopedic is the Americanized version of the word orthopaedic. Both refer to the medical specialty focusing on the body’s musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.

What is general orthopaedics definition?

A General Orthopaedist is an orthopaedic surgeon who has chosen not to narrow his or her focus to a particular area of the body, but instead to offer comprehensive care for all musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Not all orthopedic practitioners have the same qualifications.

What is the difference between orthopedic and sports medicine?

Sports Medicine physicians specialize in the complete health care of athletes. Orthopedic Surgeons specialize in the operative treatment of injuries. Both are trained in the care of musculoskeletal problems. Approximately 90% of all sports injuries are non-surgical.

What does orthopaedic mean?

Orthopedics comes from two Greek words, ortho, meaning straight and pais, meaning child. Originally orthopedic surgeons dealt with bone deformities in children, using braces to straighten the child's bones.

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