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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a deck?

The primary materials used for decks are; wood, composite lumber, plastic and aluminum. We'll look at them individually as you decide what material is best for your deck and your wallet. Wood. Wood is by far the most common option used for deck materials.

What deck to use?

Wood decking is the most common choice for homes. Durable and strong, it offers a classic look that complements virtually any style of home. The smooth planks stay cool and feel good on bare feet, making them a natural choice for building your outdoor oasis. Softwoods are fairly easy for a novice do-it-yourselfer to work with.

What are the components of a deck?

Decks are composed of a variety of parts. Structural parts of the deck hold and distribute the weight of the deck and therefore, should be made of durable, high quality materials. Posts, ledgers, beams, and joists should be made out of pressure-treated wood for longer life and maximum durability.

What is deck kit?

Versadeck deck kits are deck design package options which can be customized, sized and modified to fit your home and lifestyle. Versadeck deck components have been approved for use on most class "A" fire rated decking required applications. (Aluminum Decking, Aluminum Deck Framing, Aluminum Railing and Aluminum Modular Stairs).

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