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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Davis County Library branch open?

After a remodel of the old library space the branch officially opened as a Davis County Library Branch on August 12, 2006.

Where can I read newspapers online in Davis County?

The Davis County Library welcomes the suggestions patrons submit for consideration to purchase for the collection. Here you can read newspapers online. Read The Salt Lake Tribune, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and many more.

Where is the Austin Davis Public Library located?

Located on the north side of Keystone Park and nestled between two wooded areas, the Austin Davis Public Library provides a large reading room, children's area, quiet area, electronic media area, meeting room and kitchen.

What is the history of the Kaysville library?

Originally the Kaysville City Library, it was established in 1921 and operated independently of the county system for many years. In 2005, Kaysville City opted to join the county library system and in July of 2006, the Kaysville City Library officially became the newest branch of the Davis County Library system.

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