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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say dates in Spanish?

When someone asks you the date in Spanish, you'll always follow the same formula. Start with el (ELL), followed by the number that corresponds to the day. Then say de (DAY) followed by the name of the month. You can start by saying hoy es (OY ESS) before the date, which means "today is.".

How do you write dates in Spanish?

There are two common ways to write the date in Spanish. The first way uses only numerals, while the second uses a mix of numerals and words. Let's take a look at how to write the date using each method! To write the date using only numerals, you'll write the numerals corresponding to the day first, followed by the month and the year.

How do you say telling time in Spanish?

To tell the time in Spanish, you'll never need to use a number higher than 29. Here are the two methods you need to know: To tell the time in the first half hour, simply state the correct form of ser followed by the hour, followed by y ("and") and the number of minutes. Here are some examples: Son las siete y seis.

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