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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dachshund Rescue of Northern California?

Dachshund Rescue of Northern California (DRNC) is a network of independent volunteers who work together with the primary mission to rescue and foster abandoned, abused, and unwanted dachshunds. We are a smaller, foster based rescue, meaning we care for our dogs in our homes and our foster's homes until their forever homes can be found.

How many dachshund dogs have been adopted on Rescue Me?

44,310 Dachshund Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! This map shows how many Dachshund Dogs are posted in each state. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. Dachshund Rescue Information: The Dachshund is a long, short-legged dog with a temperament similar to that of a terrier.

Do dachshunds need a home?

These puppies are shorties, so they need homes with no stairs or stairs that are ramped. They need new homes that commit to their socialization so they can grow up confident, well behaved dogs. Dachshunds are not known to be great family dogs, so children in the home should be age 8 and up.

Are dachshunds good travel companions?

Dachshund Trivia: Dachshunds are good travel companions. Dachshunds are named for Dachs, the German term for Badger, which these dogs were bred to hunt. The short legs of a Dachshund are well suited for digging and getting inside badger burrows. Dachshunds are often referred to as wiener dogs because of their shape.

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