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Frequently Asked Questions

How to read a CXR?

Initial Approach to Reading the CXR First and foremost, we should double check the patient's name, date of birth, and medical record number on the image. Next we should assess if it is an AP or PA image and if the patient is standing or supine.

What does the medical abbreviation CXR mean?

CXR Abbreviation for chest x-ray. n chest x-ray; an image of the thoracic cavity, produced by an irradiation scan of the upper torso. Routinely performed to rule out respiratory or heart disease for patients complaining of dyspnea or chest pain.

What is a CXR test?

CXR test stands for chest X-ray, which refers to the picture of the chest area that displays the lungs, airway, heart, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. Additionally, the chest X-ray also displays the spine and other bones around the area, such as the ribs, breastbone, and the collarbone.

What is a CXR PA lateral?

Yes: Chest x-ray pa and lateral means your doctor wants to see lung in anterior posterior position and to see heart and behind it in lateral it shows the lungs, heart , and upper part of body , neck to abdomen. It shows if there is pathology in lungs, heart or mediastinum.

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