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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose counterpointe?

We deliver premier people, services and software solutions to our customers, transforming ordinary into extraordinary. Counterpointe's robust custom software development capabilities are founded in the use of industry-leading open-source components.

Why choose 2counterpointe?

Counterpointe has leveraged it's deep subject matter expertise and robust integration platform to help organizations integrate systems to maximize their investment in interconnected systems.

What is counterpointe integration platform?

The Counterpointe Integration Platform (CIP) is built on top of industry best practices and experience from working with the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, as well as state, local, and private organizations. Organizations can build a united IT infrastructure and effectively and securely share data across systems.

Who are the three contributors to the point/counterpoint blog?

All last season, we did our point/counterpoint weekly posts. Now the three contributors to those, David Howman, Tom Ryle, and Terence Watson, look ahead and discuss what they think are the most important things to work on.

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