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Frequently Asked Questions

What does collar stand for?

A collar stand is used when constructing a traditional dress or western style shirt; it helps the collar to “stand” up on your neck a bit before it folds down. This is a handy skill to add to your buttondown shirt repertoire, and Kathie certainly is a master at these!

What is the meaning of collar?

Collar Refers to the ceiling and floor of the price fluctuation of an underlying asset. A collar is usually set up with options, swaps, or by other agreements. 1. A way to hedge against the potential of loss by buying an out-of-the-money put while writing an out-of-the-money call.

What is a collar position?

A collar position is a unique strategy. It’s usually used with a long stock position to prevent risk over a certain time frame. The collar is basically a covered call position with an extra long put.

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