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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best airport to fly into for Disneyland?

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Still, LAX is the largest airport in the region and for most people it is going to be the best option to fly into for your Disneyland vacation. The smaller size of the other airports means connecting flights in many cases, but it is usually easy to get non-stop flights into LAX from most cities in the US.

How far is it from Los Angeles airport to Disneyland?

The distance between Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Disneyland is 30 miles. The road distance is 33.2 miles.

What is the closest Amtrak station to Disneyland?

The closest Amtrak station to Walt Disney World is the one in Kissimmee, Fl. Disney does not provide transportation from or to the Station and you will need to call for a taxi to pick you up at the station.

How close is Long Beach Airport to Disneyland?

Driving distance from LGB to Disneyland. The total driving distance from LGB to Disneyland is 23 miles or 37 kilometers. Your trip begins at Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, California. It ends in Anaheim, California.

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